Its an Epic Egg Hunt!

Happy Froggin’ Easter! Or Spring… how ever you want to look at it.
Tis the season of Bunnies and Chocolate Eggs! During this Event you can get unlock the bunny outfits.

How to unlock the bunny outfits!

Pick up a leaflet outside the hideout to find the Easter Egg locations …find them and smash them!

Egg Hunter Helicopters have been made available for the Event.

The eggs are pretty big , but they may be hard to find.

Smash all the eggs to unlock 2 complete colour sets of the happy bunny outfit.

Get Eggresive!

A bunny suited Frog lives in each egg. If you decide to attack every bunny located at each egg you will collect 2 sets of the dead bunny outfit.

Are you feeling evil? Ready to boil some bunnies?

Or you could simply watch this instructional video…

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Prev 1 of 1 Next

However, be warned.. I basically set out to do the Egg Hunt to show how it works, but an hour later i realized I had just been messing about on the BMX and moped, it happens, sorry.

Finish your Outfit
If you’ve played the event on previous years but haven’t completed your bunny suit it’s the perfect time to come and finish it.

Get in quick!

The Bunny event ends on April 30th so don’t miss out