Amazing Frog?®


Play as an Amazing Frog on your own or with friends. Clumsy, but capable. Floppy, fart propelled frogs fuel the mayhem of the physics simulated, sandbox world of SwindonShire.


Throw yourself around SwindonShire and beyond using giant trampolines, fans, cannons and exploding barrels with hilarious outcomes. For more control, frogs can gain access the array of vehicles suited for land, sea, air or even the vacuums of space. Beware a variety of dangerous creatures that roam the worlds. Discover weapons to protect yourself or turn on each other. Discover missions and tasks to unlock worlds, journey to the moon or even gain access the Magical Mystery Toilet.

Magical Mystery Toilet?

Amazing Frog? is full of missions, mini games and items to discover, unlock or complete. Some tasks are more obvious, some you will have to work hard to uncover..

Where to get Amazing frog?

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Amazing Frog? Community

Take on the role of our flatulent hero to make your way through the great wide world of the Amazing Frog?

Start your journey at the famed city of Swindon, explore it’s secret’s and plunge yourself into this bonkers physics sandbox filled with frog eating sharks, guns, drones, trampolines, cannons and so much more. Find our way into the sewers, travel the big wide world in a blimp or shoot off to the moon. Swindon is your oyster so come on down and join the ride!

“The Amazing Frog? is the game you will want to show your friends because of how ridiculous it is”

– Paul Drankiewicz – INDIEGRAPH

“Amazing Frog on OUYA is well Kind of Amazing.”

– Neil Long – Edge Online

“The Best Screwin’ Around Ever??”

– Screw Attack

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amazing frog? on steam
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amazing frog? on discort
Do you have what it takes to be the amazing frog?

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The Amazing Year of The Rabbit?

The Amazing Year of The Rabbit?

Grab your 2023 'Year of the Rabbit Gear'... before it too late. V3 Gets another Update, but WARNING:: The Lunar New Year Content is timed... So get geared up, Its Time to grab your 'Year of the Rabbit' themed Stuff.. Get it before the end of January! [yotuwp...

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Amazing Frog? Holiday Fiasco

Amazing Frog? Holiday Fiasco

[h3][b]The Holidays are being threatened. It's a complete fiasco...embrace the chaos![/b][/h3] Suspiciously festive fiends have taken all the presents. Solution? Go Kick this Holiday season back into shape. .. with your foot. Your right foot ... that's the one you...

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Kickin’ Holiday Update

Kickin’ Holiday Update

Happy Holidays, as we take our first step into melee combat in Amazing Frog? that you can now play around with in this festive Kickin' Update. As you may know, Remastered is the process where we have been...

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Spooky Dress Up Pumpkin Smash Amazing Frog? V3

Spooky Dress Up Pumpkin Smash Amazing Frog? V3

Quick ! We have extended this Event into November! mainly because we only just started it... Time for some Smashin' Pumpkins! Smash up some pumpkins and earn some Limited Edition Stuff. Dress up Swindon Its also time to get Dressed Up in spooky garb. So make sure the...

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Major Bloody Update ( …Including Blood World )

Major Bloody Update ( …Including Blood World )

Recent Patch Notes 31st Oct Fixed the settings page and resolution issue, tweaked camera in various location and other fixes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just in time for Halloween, Blood...

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Amazing Frog?® – Versions
Currently, there are two versions of Amazing Frog?  in active development.

  • REMASTERED‘  ( V2 )

REMASTERED and RESPAWNED are an evolution of  ‘LEGACY’.
LEGACY” was the second version ( V2 ) of  Amazing Frog? and began on Steam.
(The first version of Amazing Frog? ( V1 ) was developed for OUYA )

Amazing Frog? REMASTERED ( V2 )
We are REMASTERING the LEGACY version of Amazing Frog? After many updates to Steam and the pocket mode we created on IOS, we reached a point where we could not work with the source code any more. Either we moved on to the next game or we could recreate the core systems. Our goal is not only to rebuild Amazing Frog?  in newer more portable technology, but to continue its development and form a complete and more portable version of Amazing Frog? This should allow us not only to leave EARLY ACCESS on Steam,  but also take Amazing Frog? to other platforms.
REMASTERED is currently Available On
Amazing Frog? RESPAWNED ( V3 BETA )
The Next Generation of Amazing Frog? In Early Access on Steam actively being developed.
RESPAWNED – The V3 Beta for us is the future of Amazing Frog?
RESPAWNED (the V3 BETA ) Available On
Amazing Frog? LEGACY ( Early V2 )

The version of Amazing Frog? where the most radical content like the Magic Toilet originated. Unfortunately, it became to difficult to continue updating this version. Not just because technology moved on, but also because we learned more about what or how we could develop Amazing Frog? Certainly where some of our more favourite features and ideas evolved. Features that are now being remastered into a newer iteration of V2