We were like – “Where are the eggs???”

I thought the easter bunny egg hunt would just be there. Nope. So we ran over the bunny outfit challenge added a few helicopters etc etc. I’ll post an event later to explain the “Egg Hunt”.

For now, lets dive into this update.

The development of Amazing Frog? 2 is always moving forward. I cannot stress that enough. Every now and then its nice to do a progressive update that will give you a few extra things to play with.

As the mechanics evolve so do things which have been there before. When I was testing this update the bunny outfit frogs that spawn in the giant eggs started kicking back after I shot one with an arrow….then i collected the arrow towerfall style.

and then of course its now possible to take their skulls…

[h3]Looking back… we lose track of what we have been adding, fixing … er…breaking[/h3]

We just try and keep moving forward be it enhancing the Frog intelligence (FI) or evolving mechanics, improving the rendering, adding new content there is no shortage of things to do.

For the past week or so, I have just been at GDC in San Francisco, being a “game dev” and exploring our future .. I had the chance to reflect a bit on Amazing Frog? as a whole while I demo-ed it and talked where we want to go ( and about why we are still working on it lol). I got the chance to play with Sandbox and it opened my eyes to the possibilities for the future of Amazing Frog? 2.

We really enjoyed the Dragon update this year and have been ooking at how we can integrate the “Dragon system” as a permanent feature of Amazing Frog ? 2 especially as Hal develops the underwater part of Swindonshire.

For now I am going to go set up a Steam Event so that you guys know how long you have to get the 4 bunny outfits… and make some little videos of the footage I just took, although it may be a bit BMX heavy I got distracted trying to land a flip in the skate park…. Happy Spring Holidays!