Its Quest for the Magical Mystery Toilet Part 3. Finally starting to feel like we are making some good progress not just in the rebuild but also in the newer things we have been adding.


Learn to fly

Flight school has reopened it’s doors for new cadets! At the moment you can test your helicopter skills with four new courses. Enter the hangar, find each colour and get flying. Race against your best time. A pilot hat will be awarded to those skilled enough to complete all four courses and the second hangar will open.

Jet a load of this!

Swindonshire now has it’s very own aerobatics display team! Introducing the “Green Arrows”. Find their jets at the runway and take them for a spin. This brand new aircraft includes an ejector seat to safety exit mid flight. Just remember to eject before any accidental collisions!

[h3]Movers and shakers[/h3]
Ever wish you could transport more items around the map than you can physically carry? Try the new removal van now and pack it full with everything you could possibly need.

This is the first time in Amazing Frog? that you can transport a secure stash conveniently with some “it’s bigger on the INSIDE!” technology.

[h3]Alligators sighted at the pond![/h3]
They’re quite hungry too so be careful.

Take one of the new airboats found in the pond for a ride and see what’s lurking in the waters.

The boats are fast but…

Try attaching some balloons with a balloon device for less resistance and more speed!

Missing the Jetpacs?

All three jetpacs are back! Two of them are easy to find the last is more tricky, maybe the flies can help.

They work from the saddle too….

[h3]Fly catching[/h3]
These little guys are out in the wild again. See if you can find all three, they might be keeping hold of something useful.

[h3]To clear some things up…[/h3]
Save files have been an issue. Even we lost track of what was unlocked in Legacy and converted. All the jet packs and fly heads were not officially unlockable in QMMT (until now) but there are still transfered legacy saves that are not available yet to unlock in QMMT ‘officially’- like Joke Frog. These will become obselete as they will be unlocked in QMMT, but the unlock process may be different. SO we made them available in a new ‘legacy” tab in the wardrobe.

Also XMAS stuff is back in- The Holiday Part of the update has been resolved to be a more perminant feature in December. I will set up an Event on Steam about the Xmas stuff. Also I am aiming to introduce some more content before Xmas – its kind of a tradition for me to put a last minute build out on the big day before i relax into some choco and mince pies

[h3]Here’s to you[/h3]
Finally we wanted to shout out everyone who voted for us for “Labour of Love for the Steam Game awards. We appreciate all of your continued support. And for those who were expecting part 3 to be a zombie apocalypse… it’s coming real soon, we need a bit more time for contamination control