Happy Holidays, as we take our first step into melee combat in Amazing Frog? that you can now play around with in this festive Kickin’ Update.

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As you may know, Remastered is the process where we have been rebuilding the entirety of Amazing Frog? in a more updatable format to allow us to continue development and continue adding more content.

Some things may feel different, like the way we count snowmen and SCP. Saving and notifications have to be upgraded from Legacy. Ultimately, we cannot carry all your legacy data to Remastered. We try where possible, but it can be restrictive adhering to saved data that derived from a different process. For example the fly pac, jet pac and balloon pack from legacy are still (temporarily) available from your legacy save file, but eventually they will need to be unlockable via a Remastered process since that aspect of the game will be completely rebuilt anyway.
( I am very excited about the new toilet … aka object transformation system with an even stronger flush… er… which will be coming in a future update )


Yes, we have added fish, not to the sea, to the vending machine… thinking about it we should probably put them in the sea… I better double check its on our list.
So… we have extended the number of objects that you can hit things with. In our minds we have made melee weapons work much better, give them a go, but please wait till New year to inform us if you don’t like it, feeling sensitive… might be able to turn off the blood…

I should point out we consider this to be Melee Part 1. The tip of the Amazing Frog? combat system iceberg.

Hal and I have been chatting about Combat for years, looking at other games… fighting in the office etc etc But Combat is a gateway to deeper frog mechanics and smarter npcs. Under the hood there were a lot of changes to make this happen and so while it may not look like there is much “content” – this is huge for us.
– Try kicking the wheels one by one on a vrog, for some lowrider action.

With character systems in mind, I want to shine a spot light on the zombies…

We have upgraded their movement and attack systems.. Again its not something you may notice unless looking for it. but in doing so we also looked at how all NPC frogs will respond to being attacked, by a player or each other.

So watch out, they hit back!

And they can hold a grudge so watch where you are swinging your foot around.

[h1]Now Kneel before the new Diorama on the title screen ![/h1]

Also please throw any suggestions of what we could have in that diorama to help new players or returning old players see what’s possible in the world of Amazing Frog? (V2 Remastered)

Kick Boxing also included…