Grab your 2023 ‘Year of the Rabbit Gear’… before it too late.

V3 Gets another Update, but WARNING:: The Lunar New Year Content is timed…

So get geared up, Its Time to grab your ‘Year of the Rabbit’ themed Stuff..

Get it before the end of January!

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Prev 1 of 1 Next

Find the Lucky Gold Rabbits and grab their red packets to earn your themed gear.

Basically, Find ’em…

..Kick ’em…

…or Shoot ’em!

Your choice…

Just do it before the end of January ( [i]or change your system clock..[/i]. 🙂

DEV TECH INFO – These updates where you collect ‘currency’ and unlock stuff are helping us grow the underlying systems that will enable us to provide a robust and expansive inventory and shopping system within the world. We have been limiting the collection activities to what we see as secondary quests for now. Seasonal activities are a good place to trial these systems as they come around each year. As for the more permanent in-game quests and jobs that we have been developing, they will grow from these ‘experiments’ before we commit them to the release branch.

Boom !

Also in this update
Passenger seats for Helicopters and Biplanes

Golf clubs? I think we put them in over xmas actually.. but we improved them slightly. Hal made a golf ball… um but we forgot to put it in

As with every update we try and fix as many bugs as we can and try and make as many improvements as possible

NOTE : These yellow and white full bunny costumes – If you don’t have them, they will return at Easter Also Pretty sure there will be more bunny/rabbit ‘things’ happening this year.

So … About V3 Progress…

DEV TECH INFO – We know that some of these updates for V3 have been a bit ‘samey’… smaller, calendar based events… Much of our time spent on V3 has been frustratingly invisible for the past few months as we have been preparing Amazing Frog? V3 for its next major phase of development.
We are converting the project to a new Render Pipeline and when this process is complete outputs from this new branch of development will bring improvements in quality, performance and also perhaps more importantly expose the project to the possibility of adding support for awesome features such as Texture Steaming, Real Time Ray Tracing and DLSS
…its a lot of work and hope to share more of that soon.

[ Note to V2 Remastered players… I am working on the moon right now, as you are reading this 🙂 ]