Amazing Frog? King Maker update

[h2]THE CROWN[/h2]
Its time to take on the Crown… The frogs of Swindonshire cannot resist the desire rule.

Let it be known that whom so ever wears the crown on their head, indeed has a crown on their head.

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Who is the rightful ruler of these lands ?

Or indeed of other lands… Like the moon.
[h2]THE MOON[/h2]

Incidentally, the moon is open again.

Swindonshire has now been remastered with more detail and something we have been working on for some time. While there are still improvements to come, the remastering process for Amazing Frog? is near completion. Amazing Frog? now runs in what is called Universal Render Pipeline and throughout this month we are preparing Amazing Frog? to leave Early Access with a flurry of Updates. Everything still outstanding from Legacy such as the Toilet, a not so Secret invasion and more.

It is worth mentioning that within a week or so Legacy will be moved to a beta branch, so that this new version can stand on its own without confusion.

[h2]V3 and V2 will grow seperately[/h2]
Also, we will be separating Amazing Frog? and Amazing Frog? V3 this month too. Currently, if you purchase either App you get access to both, so If you have already bought Amazing Frog? or Amazing frog ?V3 this information will not effect you. At some point soon “Amazing Frog?” and “Amazing Frog? V3” will need to exist as separate purchases. This is because “Amazing Frog? V3” will remain in Early Access after Amazing Frog? has left Early Access.
Hope that makes sense.

[h3]This is the way …right?[/h3]