Become the Pump King in Swindon today.

Why settle for 5 nights when you can get 6 nights in Amazing Frog? Pick up the pumpkin and unleash Hell in Swindon Today.

Happy Halloween.

Heres a spooky take on Coronation Mode for Halloween. A bit of spooky fun before part three of the Quest For the Magical Mystery Toilet is ready. On that note.. watch out for poltergeists and ghost objects. Literally you may be able to walk right through some things… ok ok we’ll fix that.

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This update also includes some major improvements to the “frog life” systems.
No I am not saying you will never see a “T poser” again, but I have spent a bunch of time stabilizing that aspect of the game.

Some Game Dev stuff (If you like that kind of thing)

Basically one of the big enhancements of QMMT since Legacy is our ability to have frogs everywhere. We have been working on this for a while with the goal of helping the gameplay scale across the whole world. When I talk about the frogs customization system or placement and organization of dynamic objects I have my system acronyms like W.R.A.P.S. and F.A.P.S. I don’t really have an acronym for this system other than AAARRGH maybe.

I tentatively call it Scheduling and Priming. So Wildlife/population or as I call them in code ‘Avatars’ are “primed” everywhere thanks to Hals ingenious placement systems that he has been creating in Houdini on the landscape for trees, flowers grass (not just for Avatars) Then with a kind of bespoke LOD thing we built I bring them in and out. This is why there will be sharks at every beach ( although this can be tricked by having two or more players on different beaches ) Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of this system, aside from the mental torture it inflicted on my brain, was that if it doesn’t clear up properly we get T posers which were frogs that were supposed to be deactivated but had refused to do so. Its an evolving system. You may notice it in Amazing Frog? 2 (V3) when that update drops soon.

Things that are not ready

So… Jet Pac can be unlocked by killing giant moon worm. Although currently, it’s very difficult. The giant moon worm can be ridden straight into the green lazer beam, but it would take some kind of a genius to work out how to do that.

Balloon pac and Fly pac officially are not unlockable yet. Currently they are only accessible if they were unlocked during Legacy and then a version prior to Last year of Remastered was opened. (Sounds like a Monty Python Sketch)
I am genuinely sorry for those that expect to have the back pacs because they had them in Legacy. There are so many right and wrong ways to simultaneously remaster and recreate a game I only know this way and I am 99% sure I am doing it the right way.

Of course, I could just make the back pacs all available in the dispenser round the back of the hideout for every one, temporarily, but at this point it won’t be long. Making them all available feels like a ‘game breaking’ thing to do. The Magic for the Toilet is coming, its mostly built. Unfortunately there is nothing I can ‘bring’ over from Legacy and to be honest I wouldn’t want to. The magic for the toilet will give you access to all the toys you could drop in before, saddles for all creatures (although I think a saddle gun may be a good idea.), poop heads, mini pigs, pimped up vehicle and the shark blimp its all coming, but with more.