The All new Grapple Hook is now available in V3. Check out this video that we just made for info about the update.

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The Easter challenge has been extended too ( …take a gun with you )

(Little Dev note : I really like these pamphlets. We made them initially to help promote tourism, but they help us distribute information about jobs and missions. They will someday be available from the job centre and other places to share other tasks and things to do. For now the seasonal event systems of easter, halloween, xmas etc have been really helpful in allowing us to share some of the mechanics that we have been working on for V3. For more of the mechanics to become available we still need to finalise the core systems some more. )

Oh Dev..

I won’t lie, It’s been a lot of work trying to keep on top of V2 and V3, but we are making progress. Really excited for the High Definition Render Pipeline ( HDRP ) version of V3, but also frustrating we cannot make it available yet. While it is looking encouraging for running better, unfortunately it’s not quite ready yet. Sometimes you just have to roll with technology and we did not want to get left behind like we did with legacy. Remastered has also been moved to a newer Universal Rendering system ( hence its delay ) That will be ready soon. I would like to begin to call Remastered – Amazing Frog? (Definitive) and I would like to start officially calling V3 – “Amazing Frog? 2”. We’ll see…

For now Enjoy the Grapple hook.

I found some screenshots Hal put on the shared drive…(its 3am here)… I think he pinned all the purge frogs to the court…

And then killed them :: – bit dark…

but to be honest I was really shocked with the new grapple hook, it was a lot of fun.