You know what ? it feels really good to be putting updates out again. I mean over the past few months we’ve been dealing with some pretty complex stuff with V3 and V2 and iOS… getting our ducks in a row, as it were. But, today looking through recent screenshots for the new stuff makes me super happy. Also just messing around with content again is so much more fun that underlying systems and junk. I mean you can’t Instagram a feckin’ serialization process or a new design pattern that I created by accident while dreaming. I love my work, truly I do.

There is an element if chaos to how we go about developing things, but we are heading somewhere so don’t worry. That somewhere is V3.

So, what was I saying? … I’m really sorry about the mouse not locking and hiding thing, please let me know if you are still having problems after this update. This is the second of our October updates for V2. “The Other Blimps”. Was going to call it A Blimp with more bite not sure why 🙂 .




So be sure to check the in-game changelog… (I think I updated that …) there’s some more stuff to find do and play with.

I’ll keep this post short, I did want to say thanks to everyone for pointing any issues in the last build. There are some which I Have not got around to resolving like the horizontal split screen I will get that one in the next update. So any outstanding issues please fire them at us.