Welcome to the second part of Amazing Frog? f0.2.8 – Who Let The Frogs Out?
For us f0.2.8 was a big mile stone for lots of different reasons.


Our main focus this time has been FrogLife™.  FrogLife™ is the Artificial Stupidity System (A.S.S.) responsible for how the frogs of SwindonShire … er think…

Worried your computer can’t handle the new Population? Don’t worry, we have added a Population Density Slider in the Settings App to control how many NPC frogs you have around Swindon… if any 🙂 We are always looking for ways to optimise Amazing Frog? and improve its scalability for high powered and low powered machines. we are working in stages and this will improve and we move forward.

Amazing frog ?0.2.8.b

The Swindon Constabulary is very much in its infancy, but with every town with a rising population, certain civil services are imperative.

Amazing frog ?0.2.8.b

Updates for your fPhone

The operating system for the fPhone has had an update to help with various aspect, but more importantly we have added some apps for you to play with, Including The GemSmash and Time Trial Apps

Amazing frog ?0.2.8.b

More Stuff

We always love adding weapons, but the Desert Eagles cannot be collected from the spawners.. you’ll have to find them. Play nice though 🙂

Amazing frog ?0.2.8.b

Oh… And This… because

Amazing frog ?0.2.8.b

And more… Don’t for get to check the Change Log Apps.

OK Now I feel like putting an Update out f0.2.8b

Thanks for your support every one !