We first started working on Amazing Frog? as Fayju back in 2012. It wasn’t the first time that Hal and I had played around with ragdoll frogs, that goes way back to 2009 and our over ambitious ideas for iPhone 3G that only resulted in a free experimental App called FrogBox. We kept tinkering with ragdoll frogs. Amazing Frog? came to us when we moved into our office above the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon. Then in 2013 we launched Amazing Frog? on OUYA and have been growing it steadily since. Adding environments,weapons, vehicles, the Swindon Space Program, Party Mode etc…
Being on OUYA has been great. OUYA have supported our vision over the past year, almost like an incubator and this has helped us focus on gameplay and optimisation. We were not restricted from going on PC, as a team of 2 we just didn’t feel ready.
Thank you Bob, Thank you Julie x.
We will continue to support the OUYA version and what OUYA is (+ we will keep hoping for an “OUYA 2” dev kit.)
Our goal with Amazing Frog? was always to create vast spaces with endless amounts of frogs to meet, shoot, grab, throw, push over or just say hi to and maybe trade with. As I said before in a previous post, we want to make games like the ones we like to play. From the start both Hal and myself have always craved more processing power to unleash our madness. We always knew that at the moment we switched our primary platform to be a more powerful one, that we would be seduced by a frenzy of possibilities.
I cannot convey how much we love working on Amazing Frog? We are going to add more nonsense, more modes, more environments, more characters, more weapons, more missions, more vehicles, more frogs… I think Steam is the perfect place for us to do this now.
The goal is to use Steam to be our primary platform so we can expand the Amazing Frog? universe.  We aim to put our the first PC /MAC/Linux version out soon and then to iterate on that. It will be marked Early access, but it will be fully playable beyond the current UFO version on OUYA.
You can support us on Greenlight here. We need your support too.
You can also see how we have been progressing Amazing Frog? for some time.The previous change log to Amazing Frog through its Development on OUYA here: