Amazing Frog? f0.2.8c The Frog Milk Coffee Co. Update is now available.

It has taken a while to get this update released. If you have been following the beta, thanks for helping out. Doing a Beta has been a really helpful process for us. We have learned a lot from doing it and  its going to prove really helpful as we move forward.

f0.2.8c has seen a whole bunch of stuff added and upgraded. There are more options for cameras, improved interaction with objects, zombies and ants are much more deadly, sharks can now bite things, the fOS on the fPhone has been upgraded, there are more stuff to unlock (… some things that people didn’t find in the beta)  and even Fart Gyms has upgraded their fApp. I’ll just focus on some of the key features this announcement

but before that…

IMPORTANT NOTICE, fOS on the fPhone has been upgraded this means your save files will not load by default. But they still exist


SAVE FILE RECLAIM – If you don’t wish to start over you can reclaim data from version f0.2.8b and lower in your settings fApp on your fPhone by selecting Reclaim Save Data

Frog Milk Coffee Co.


As I said before, The Frog Milk Coffee Co. building and its Rewards fApp were being built for the upcoming Unity 5 version along with the rest of Swindon. You can complete tasks, earn Reward Points and buy coffee. We wanted to introduce currency into Amazing Frog? purely as a game mechanic. Its a starting point for us and the main reason why the operating system on the fPhone needed a big upgrade. We like the idea of earning rewards to purchase temporary consumable upgrades as it provides a system by which we can add all sorts of content in the future. Our plan is to continue adding more shops and services, so this is really just the beginning of the high street.

Gas Cannisters


We’re excited about the potential of Gas canisters, not just because they are so stupid and make us laugh, but because of what they may lead us to create. … Coming Soon Gold Gas Cannister



You already have the TimeTrial fApp and GemSmash which, by nature, are more conventional challenge based fApps. Knockdown is a little more the mischievous, We’re really looking forward to playing more with it.

Pocket Mode and population density


Pocket mode is one of the more useful features of this update. It basically allows you to load Swindon without loading the entire 20km Map of Swindon Shire. Its great if you just want to muck about in Swindon with higher quality settings or with more player frogs in split screen mode or you wanted a go at the time trials with a better framerate… or wanted to see how high your system can push the population density. The idea is that should help you get more out of Amazing Frog? with less power. We always want to support as low a spec as possible for Amazing Frog? but at the same time we also want to take advantage of the power that new machines can yield. Making the game scalable is the only answer and as we move into Unity 5 we plan to continue with this thinking.


So there it is, we’re really pleased to announce that f0.2.8c The Frog Milk Coffee Co. Update is now available, enjoy and stay tuned for the Unity 5 Betas soon to follow… Goodbye Unity 4 🙂 Hello Unity 5,  64 bit and PBR!