Amazing Frog? f0.2.9a The Magical Mystery Toilet this is a V2 update for Xmas. ( you can also read this on Steam Community here )
So we made a toilet and tried to flush everything down it. Seemed like a really good idea at the time, then after we were half way through we were like… what the hell are we doing? You can put anything in there… But we persevered and saw it through..mostly. Its probably one of the strangest and most experimental updates we have made. Since it was a V2 update it made sense for us to lean towards the more experimental. If I am being honest we have not tried all the possibilities with the Magical Mystery Toilet (there are so many) so we expect to make some amends additions and changes.


I haven’t had time to fill out the change Log, sorry so it might be difficult to know what to look form but thats all part of the mystery, but at least there is a new “Need Help” fApp on your fPhone 🙂 That should guide hopefully guide you a bit


We’ve fixed a lot of stuff from f0.2.8e The Swindon Space Program. We’re very sorry about  these things. For example the grapple hook having an undo button really helps get more use out of it as a tool. It was bad that we left them like that for so long,  its just that since the last update we have just been so wrapped up in V3 which is a completely different environment. (Wondering what V2 and V3 means? please check out the previous Devblog 021)


I won’t write too much now


Just some images…I’ll write a proper devblog after I have done the hot fixes.

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 01.14.57

Without going into too much detail, since most of this update is focused on experimentation and secrets. We will most certainly expand on this,  we really had a lot of fun making it. Its been healthy for us to have a month where we have focused exclusively on messing about because when building V3 we had to be very strict with ourselves not to get carried away and its imperative to get the foundations right..

Screen Shot 2017-12-24 at 01.12.25Happy Holidays All, I hope you enjoy.