A bit of a tradition for Amazing Frog? to drop an update on Xmas. ( Although, every year, we plan to put the Xmas update out at the beginning of December and it always comes on on 24th or 25th… ) But the dev surge generally helps push Amazing Frog? further.

It generally leaves us with few words to say. So I’ll be brief.

I’ll just show some images…

We really needed to restructure, so you it would be easier to know what build you are playing is less confusing.

These images above are from Remastered(V2).

V3 is now on the the beta branch only. This is because its 20GB and more demanding.

But we still added a Holiday update for V3, naturally and put the lights back in.

Also careful by the Sea, there is some experimental stuff going on there.

I am sorry I don’t have much to say, I will come back after a bit of Xmassin’ and do patches and fixes into the new year and will probably find more words to say then…
Happy Holidays !