Feels a little like a witch hunt by indie devs on OUYA…not cool.
Though OUYA is a small, approachable company that you can actually speak to, that’s not a reason for devs to mass together and act like they are running the show. Firing demands … Stating ultimatums … in case you missed it, they just opened the doors and set the scene for a new level of indie publishing and have drastically changed the landscape.

Seems to me a lot of developers do not appreciate how easy it is for them to not only build games, but distribute them. It’s empowering, yes, but that doesn’t mean you run the show. OUYA not only deals with indie devs, but also face a business world that most developers are completely shielded from, oblivious it seems.

I choose to be on OUYA.

OUYA wouldn’t be OUYA unless they stuck to their guns. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about this Kickstarter thing, it’s just becoming an excuse for drama. They relied on the Kickstarter system it’s just one thing they did, they do others. I love how idealistic OUYA are and always have been.

Other bigger companies have a shit load of stuff going on that is so much worse. I expect indies will flock to them with glazed eyes and hopeful hearts as they put out their sirens and draw them in. I guess it’s the natural state of things. Bigger companies watch what the smaller companies trail blaze, as they are not nimble enough to adapt to the times, then they use their efforts and ideas as their stepping stones to amass more wealth and attempt to dominate and monopolize the market.

OUYA is not a huge corporation. It’s a small company in comparison. All this seemingly large amount of money they raised is a drop in the ocean against larger companies budgets and yet they are still here. What they are doing is Amazing, it blows my mind to think about it. I really believe developers should be supporting and trusting OUYA, as they march on, against the odds, into a world of business and bullshit so that we can have the freedom to make the games we want to play.

Besides, have you seen the news?