Hello Kitty…

Hello Again,  welcome back to Swindon, Home of Amazing Frog?
We have big plans for the cats of Swindon. Lets face it the first step to becoming a Super Hero is finding lost Kittens 🙂 . For now the Cats have just come to say Hello.

Swindon Fashion Taster

The inhabitants of Swindon have been calling out for more fashion in the town.
The truth is we love dressing up frogs. We have been working on a library of quite extensive fashion capabilities for the frogs of Swindon. Alas, our frog customisation system is only one part of a growing web of larger game systems for Amazing Frog? that are not quite ready to put into the game. So we figured we would introduce a “Dress Up Taster”. A temporary “Test Room” that allows you to use a standard GUI to edit the character skin with a Taster set of garments to choose from.
 Also Dotted around the Countryside more brown toilets have appeared containing some of the more “special” costumes.
Amazing Frog
Amazing Frog

Swindon Expansion Progress

Swindon is still growing. Its a big task and we are working super hard on it. Behind the Scenes we have been
Migrating to Unity 5 for more awesome graphics and super optimised physics
Developing the Amazing Frog Multiplayer Engine
Looking at Steam Integration
Enhancing the weaponry aspects
A mobile phone interface to tie it all together.

Amazing Frog

We are doing our best to keep you posted about the progress, reading all the discussions. Thanks for all the suggestions, problems and positivity. Its a great community here on Steam Early Access and we’re so grateful 🙂

Swindon Town Planning Office

Don’t forget to check out the Swindon Town Planning Office for more information on the update.
Amazing Frog