Nearing 50 levels at present but not quite there yet. The objective of the game is to sink your balls into the holes and when they are in the correct holes, it’s level complete. there are switches in the space when your ball hits those switches the ball will change color. It is fun to play but getting the order of levels right will be tricky. We are aiming to have a game experience that needs no instructions, no words. However we want to make sure the experience is accessible. In theory the objectives will be clear as it follows the patter of old plastic ball in a hole game instincts. ie you have a ball or two and you have a hole it seems like the most natural thing in the world to organize that.


The Look and feel came together quite well, we wanted the game colors to be recognizably different to each other to avoid ambiguity and just make the process of understanding the game play simpler. Originally we were using red and green, luckily a color blind friend was having a test play and noticed all the balls were the same color.