fayju ball became available on the AppStore yesterday click here to view
It was all very exciting, we have been playing it for some time now through development and to have other people playing it was great. Some nice members of the toucharcade.com forum started a thread about the game here:
there was some positive feedback and some helpful ideas on how to progress to the next update.
The next update is sooner than we had hoped, as i managed to upload to the AppStore without taking the shine off the icon. UIPrerenderedIcon = true

oh dear..
So apologies if any one who has bought the game and receives info for update 1.02 it is just an icon fix update, the bigger better update will be coming soon after in version 1.03

next on the list is to get some more videos made of the game in action as the pictures alone don’t seem to do it justice. also to make a video preview of frogbox