The frog box xmas update made it to review , no idea if it will make it out before xmas. We will see. Essentially in this update we have done away with the box section and the ball section and focused on the classroom, since this seems to be the most popular. We have made the objects in the space movable – such as the computer and dustbin and for a bit of fun put some sports balls in there. You can move them by either throwing the ragdoll at them or by touching and dragging them. Since its xmas we also put a ragdoll santa into his own custom room with a xmas tree.
The Control System has also been changed. Not as mentoned in an earlier post but a more simple way to interact. Since it is not golf yet we still wanted the user to be able to flick the frog about but the element of time has been removed and now it its pull back from the frog, an arrow will appear and depending on the distance of your touc on release from that arrow, thats how hard you will throw the frog. Perhaps the next update will offer multiple control systems. Any way It was submitted just over a week ago, lets see if it gets there before xmas – here are some screen shots:

IMG_0889 IMG_0893 IMG_0894 IMG_0904 IMG_0896 IMG_0899