Dead Frog. its still as a working title. This is a prototype of the control system, still very early days. hoping that it will be available to download in about a month. The game as it stands will draw a lot of its gameplay from golf. “getting a ball in a hole”, accept here you will be getting a frog in a box. or a dead frog in a box. If we use paring for scoring we are still undecided, part of the joy for me at the moment is simply throwing the frog around the space aimlessly. At one point we had a giant fan in the space that would whack the frog as it span, very comical as add interesting gameplay ¬†using moving objects in the space to help your throw. Also part of the joy of throwing a ragdoll type object around the space is being able to set up that space, with some form of level editor and this is something we are keen to try. But …. better get the game finished first i guess :0)