It had been a while since we had updated Monsters, recently we rolled out version 2.0 and put it FREE and there is more to come. This Update is mainly about the Platinum Star. Part of the fun while testing the levels of monsters for me has been seeing how few shots I could get 3 stars with. You’d be surprised one shot in the right place can result in completion with all Homework saved, but then that the beauty of all physics games, the magic where you see the action unfold in front of you as a result from a slight nudge or devastating blow. Platinum Stars are awarded now when you complete a level in very few shots, it won’t effect your progression through the game though so feel free to smash those monsters into next week with a volley of shots. Aside from the Platinum Star we have also introduced 3 shot weights, so you can decide to smash or gently nudge.
A New icon, naturally :0)

A Monster Ate My Homework Icon

Pause is now a functional part of the game play. you can pause the physics action and swing to the other side while time is paused then resume and attack from that side.

Possibly most important of all Grade 6, and what did we add in for Grade 6?

Grade 1 is about learning to save your homework, and chucking balls.

Grade 2 dealing with bombs and balance rulers,

Grade 3 we introduced switchs and things get tricky!

Grade 4 we added glass walls and a toggle to gravity and the Ball Monster,

Grade 5 there were portals, conveyor belts and the Ghost Monster

and with the first part of Grade 6 the Smoke Monster the over sensitive bomb and an updated animation system to create more complex moving puzzles. But there is more to come with Grade 6. The automated shooter (previewed in the splash screen of version 2.0) and gravity wells, they bend the path of your shot and attract or repel physical objects.

there are a bunch of screen shots on flickr here below are a few