Why Three games at once? It suits our nature. We are development led Game Designers, our games evolve as does our development process with time and a generous amount of play. It makes perfect sense to us to use processes and systems developed in one game and build them into the others synchronously. By developing several games together we can fuse technology between them and they can progress together. These days technological possibilities can change radically throughout the year. Unity3D is a perfect example of this, tools like Mechanim in Unity can revolutionise your process and rather than ignoring these wondrous advances we like to be flexible enough to be able to integrate them to our projects where relevant. We have been playing with ragdoll Frogs in unity for over 4 years and are very proud of our current system, but are poised and ready for change at any time if there is room to improve. We are attracted to the “craft” of our Game Development and believe that like a great painting a game too can evolve through a mixture of experimental process, tenacity and passion.