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Smash all the eggs around SwindonShire and unlock a bunny outfit

The Egg hunt and the ability to get the Bunny outfit will be available only till the end of April.
Find all the 9 Eggs scattered around Swindonshire, to get the bunny gear.

Use the new Maps to find them.

Smashing Egg Update is a V3 Beta update.
But its also an update to V3 with more content, fixes and probably more issues.

One main new feature is a new building that we have been meaning to add for some time. Explore the New Tourist Information centre to learn more about SwindonShire.

Also Easter is not just about Breakable chocolate eggs. There are also other smashable items available.

We have made improvement to many things, but there may also be some new issues. I will try and run some hot fixes asap and will keep my eyes on the forums.