When we started considering how to go about making buttons for level selection on fayju ball, it was looking to be a bit of a brainteaser. However after studying the posts about SpriteManager from the unity forum things moved along very smoothly.




well worth a read. I guess the idea is pretty straight forward, reserving polys to map bits of texture to represent the sprites, its brilliant. Yeah Its no flash, but it suits our purposes just fine and when you see entire games like Zombeville USA built on these principles its nothing short of inspiring. Its also easily manageable to suit your needs.

With Fayju Ball, we attempted to create a game that the player can respond to intuitively as to a toy. There are 50 levels so far and these are set on 5 different surfaces. Softwood, cardboard, hardwood, tile and polystyrene. It seemed necessary to measure time on completion of the levels so the player could race themselves and improve on their times, from there it seemed natural to implement a medal system, this was a big choice as it alters the game from our initial idea as we are now bringing more structured gameplay. After much testing We just felt it important to be able to be rewarded for completing the level in fastest time. SpriteManager proved very helpful.