Just posted this announcement to the Greenlight page


Thanks for all the positivity, its Amazing to see so many people get excited about the same kind of stupidity that we do.

To answer some basic questions from the comments

When are we planning to release?
As soon as possible. We will always make sure that versions of Amazing Frog? are fun, playable and have loads to do. We are looking at November for V1, but hey.. we gotta get green lit first!

How much will it cost?
Honestly we are not decided. But not like crazy expensive, we are looking at around $15.

So whats coming up in the Steam version of Amazing Frog?


Amazing Frog? for Steam is NOT just a port from OUYA. We have a long term plan for continued development. We want Steam to become the primary platform for Amazing Frog?. We think Early Access is the best place for our unapologetically, stupidly over ambitious plans.
Amazing Frog? not a finished game, much like Swindon. I don’t really know what the word “finished” means, but you can play it for ages and we keep adding more stuff to do and play around with. Again also very much like Swindon.

We’ll post more information on that first version very soon.

For now we need to get back on the streets and start running into people and asking them if they would like to help us get Amazing Frog? through Greenlight.